Now the important stuff.......Coffee!

W are proud to let you know we have ditched the disposable plastic sachets of coffee and now supply you with what we feel is the best coffee in the area (maybe even the world). Rising Ground is a coffee roasting company based in Wadebridge with Hugo Hercod and Sean Gee in charge. Hugo is a bit of a veteran in the coffee world. Being a UK barista champion before it was cool and competing to become the 10th best in the world.

A few words from Sean about their coffee 

We choose the best speciality grade green coffee and then roast it to our own profiles which we develop to get the best flavours in your cup. We don’t mess around when it comes to our roast (we do mess around in most other areas) its a serious business. We spent a lot of money on getting the equipment and technology in place so we control whats happening when we roast our coffee. Its not just about waiting for it to turn brown its about how it gets to that point.