Luxury Alpaca Duvets

We are proud to share with you our new Alpaca bedding that we have on the beds here at Safari Cornwall. We shear our Alpaca here on the farm and pack up their fleece to send to an English manufacturer who creates the luxury duvets and pillows we have here.

Alpaca fleece creates a very natural temperature control system; it has a hollow fibre which allows moisture to move freely. This allows your body to regulate its own temperature and remain dry and cool as your body will naturally fluctuate from hot to cold through the night. Couples with differing warmth requirements can also take full advantage of the bedding, the fibres will keep you both at your ideal temperature. The hollow fibres of the Alpaca fleece that keep any moisture away from the skin also have an amazing ability to resist dirt and grime. Compared to regular bedding, our Alpaca duvets and pillows are excellent at staying clean.  The cool, dry environment of an alpaca fleece duvet makes it difficult for dust mites to live and breed. Alpaca fleece is naturally anti-allergenic and is ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

If you have fallen in love with the bedding we are able to offer you the opportunity to order your own Alpaca bedding which will be made to order and delivered to your door. We offer all sizes of duvet, a range of pillows and all sizes of toppers. Price list below our lovely Ariadni


Price List
Size                                             Standard    Organic
Cot (120cmx90cm)                     £81.70        £125
Starter                                         £120           £155
Single (136cmx200cm)              £144            £195
Double (200cmx200cm)           £178.33    £246.75
King (225cmx220cm)                £199.15    £295
Super King (260cmx225cm)     £255.32    £350
Emperor (290cmx230cm)         £285    £375

Size                                            Standard    Organic
Normal (89cmx46cm)                £49            £69
King Size (72cmx46cm)             £69           £79
Square                                        £59            £74

Size                                             Standard    Organic
Cot (64cmx120cm)                     £100            £120
Single (95cmx192cm)                £180            £200
Double (141cmx192cm)              £205           £230
King (154cmx205cm)                 £230           £250
Super King (177cmx205cm)      £240           £290
Emporer (215cmx215cm)           £270           £340

Bedding Sets
Save 10% when you buy a set of pillows, duvet and topper.

Please contact us directly to order